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Clinton Climate Initiative Names Solar Gard(R) Window Film a Key Resource for Saving Energy
High performance window film improves energy efficiency and offers significant related benefits
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Tint Works services the Sacramento, Roseville, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Folsom, Rocklin, Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Rancho Cordova & Surrounding Communities.


Tint Works, auto window tinting service, also removing window tint that has turned purple.
Ask us about Solar Gard, Ultra Performance Film Manufactured with advanced nanotechnology.

Check out ourwindow tinting price.

Make your car Eco Friendly and save money.


Vehicle serviced at our Sacramentolocation receive personalized professional service and attention.      
Window film is applied by our custom auto tinters who have had years of experience.




         Tint Works:





Tint Works





             Gift Certificates Available.


                  Gift Certificate



  Add Privacy! 


  Feel exposed and vulnerable to prying eyes  

  while driving around in your own personal fish 

  bowl? In your own home you seek privacy and

 security by closing the blinds, why not have that

 same security while travelling inside your own 


  Applying window film not only gives you

  privacy, it adds strength and safety to tempered

 glass windows.






  The best Paint Protection

  You'll never see.


  Protect your cars exterior paint

  from rock chips and debris.

  Apply ClearShield a clear film with a     

  strong five year warranty.    



                    and up!                        



  At Tint Works, we use a superior quality, US manufactured film product on your vehicle that is

  backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.   


  With an SPF or 285+, Solar Gard rejects 99% of the UVA and UVB rays.  It’s like sunscreen for your

  automobile, home or office and one application lasts for years.  It's the ultimate in UV protection.


 Window Tintingwith Solar
  Gard® Films- HP Quantum,
  HP Charcoal, Supreme and more...
  Transferable Automotive Warranty Plus.
  Solar Gard, An industry leader for more
  than three decades.




$200 and up!


              CobaltSS Without Tinting                           Cobalt SS With Tinting.






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The Skin Cancer Foundationwants to remind you that stopping the skin cancer

epidemic starts with our children.

* While in the car, shield your baby from direct sunlight coming in through the

windows with UV-blocking window film.


  In studies by the American Academy of Dermatology, of Automobile Glass, UV exposure in cars, it was shown

  that the parts of the driver’s and passenger’s bodies closest to the window received the greatest UV exposure. 


  UVA rays can easily penetrate car windows, making both drivers and passengers susceptible to skin damage

  and skin cancer.  This is especially significant since car travel is at an all time high.  Nearly 10 million American

  commuters now spend more than an hour driving to work each day - up 50 percent from 1990.  And, 3.4 million

  of those 10 million people travel more than 90 minutes one way.  With more than 90%of all

  skin cancers caused by sun exposure, these so-called "extreme commuters" need to take

  special precautions to protect themselves while driving. 

  UVA rays are present during all daylight hours and throughout the winter months.

  Thus, we are exposed to large doses of UVA throughout our lifetime. 


  “The potential impacts of global warming are unmistakable, adding more days of deadly heat, and serious public-

  health risks,” Linda Adams, the state's secretary for environmental protection.


 UV Film


  Ultraviolet rays (UVR) are sneaky. Not only can they cause skin cancer and visible signs of aging, they're

  also very good at finding you. They can bounce off water, off sand, and they can penetrate glass.

  Which means that even if you're inside your car or house, if you're sitting next to a window with sunlight

  streaming in, you're at risk for UV damage.


  Fortunately, the "window film" revolution is gaining momentum. It began with automobiles in the 1990's.

  Research showed that drivers with left-hand drive developed more skin damage on the left side of their

  bodies, while those with right-hand drive developed more damage on the right. The reason? UVR streaming

  through the driver-side windows. "Long-time drivers are found to have rougher, more pigmented skin with

  greater solar damage on their driver's side," noted Albert Kligman, MD, PhD, emeritus professor of dermatology,

  University of Pennsylvania Medical School, Philadelphia.


  All of a car's windows filter out the sun's short-wave, UVB rays —all glass will filter UVB, in fact — but only the

  windshield in cars comes partially treated against the sun's UVA rays. However, for several years in all 50 states,

  transparent UVA-filtering film has been available for vehicles' side and back window glass. It screens out almost

  100 percent of UVB and UVA, without reducing visibility.


  Tint Works, only carries the best film on the market today. Bekaert Specialty film, and this Seal of Approval

  from the Skin Cancer Foundationis the reason why.  Tint Works, believes that your Health and Safety is our concern.


To earn the Seal of Recommendation, a manufacturer must prove that its product sufficiently and safely "aids in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin."
Bekaert Specialty Films - Solar Gard Automotive Ultra Performance 75, 60, 40, 30, 20, 10
Bekaert Specialty Films - Solar Gard Automotive Quantum 52, 37, 28,19, 14
Bekaert Specialty Films - Solar Gard Automotive HP Supreme 42, 35, 30, 22, 16, 10, 4
Bekaert Specialty Films - Solar Gard Automotive Supreme 70, 50, 40, 28, 15, 8
Bekaert Specialty Films - Panorama Hilite 70
Bekaert Specialty Films - Panorama Sterling 70, 60, 50, 30, 20
Bekaert Specialty Films - Panorama Slate 50, 40, 30, 20, 10
Bekaert Specialty Films - Panorama Autumn Bronze 30
Bekaert Specialty Films - Panorama 4 mil Slate 40 (safety film), 8 mil Slate 40 (safety film)
Bekaert Specialty Films - Panorama 4 mil Sterling 60 (safety film)
Bekaert Specialty Films - Solar Gard Architectural Silver 50, 35, 20
Bekaert Specialty Films - Solar Gard Architectural Stainless Steel 50, 35, 30, 20, 10
Bekaert Specialty Films - Solar Gard Architectural Low-E Silver Ag 25
Bekaert Specialty Films - Solar Gard Architectural Solar Bronze 50, 35, 20



  Protect your Animals when riding in the car.

A dog rids its body of excess heat by panting. On a hot day, a dog

must take in more air to keep its temperature constant. For this   

reason, a hot, enclosed space with little air circulation, such as

the inside of a car, is a dangerous place for a dog. On a summer

day when the outside temperature is 85 degrees, the interior of

  your car can reach 120 degrees in just 30 minutes, even with the windows

  partially open. Because a dog's normal body temperature is about 102 degrees

  Fahrenheit, the dog will suffer brain damage or death if its body temperature

  rises to 107 degrees. Window film dramatically reduces heat build up in a car.

  Deflects up to 63% of the sun’s heat for a cooler, more comfortable ride.

  Never leave a dog alone in a car on a hot day.




  Window film is an amazing product and offers many needs and benefits:-

  Tinting your car windows preserves resale value and raises "curb appeal".

  Automotive Window Tint: it looks great and makes sound economic sense. 

  * Protection - Protect your vehicle upholstery from damaging sun and ultraviolet rays.
  * Comfort -

Helps reduce hot spots and Glare. Keeps your vehicle cooler in the summer

and warmer in the winter.

  * Privacy -

Give your family the privacy and security they deserve. Help block out

unwanted people from seeing inside.

  * Glare

     Reduction -

Reduce annoying glare, resulting in more comfort for you and your passengers.

  * Safety - Protect yourself and your vehicle. Holds tempered glass together!
  * Resale - Add resale to your vehicle. (Even on lease cars!)
  * Reduce Energy - Extend HVAC Life - Reduce demand on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioner.
  * Appearance -

Aesthetic Enhancement - Drastically enhance the look of your vehicle. Give it a sleek and stylish appearance.

  * Security - Prevent theft in a smash-and-grab situation.





                           The leader in automotive window tinting.


Window tintingis the application of a thin specially designed film to the inside of the windows of a vehicle.

In most cases it is an option added because of the vehicle owner's own preference. It may be added at the

time of purchase for a new vehicle or applied by a professional window tinting business.

Our films come with a life time warranty which covers bubbling, peeling, delaminating, adhesive failure and discoloration.                                                                                                                                                 


Solar Gard is an industry leader in the professional grade  

solar control, safety and security window films.



Clear Advantages                                                                   


Window tinting looks even better when you consider all the unseen advantages:


Deflects up to 63% of the sun’s heat for a cooler,

more comfortable ride. 

Blocks out 98% of the damaging UV rays which will

fade your vehicle’s upholstery and harm skin.

Reduces glare and eyestrain for both driver and

passengers. Helps give you privacy inside the vehicle.

Depending on shade/grade of window tinting chosen,

makes it more difficult for a thief to peer inside your

vehicle. What they cannot see, is not worth taking.

Helps hold shattered glass in place....increasing safety.

A perceived added value because it makes the vehicle

look more sporty.

Plus, makes it look really cool.

Window film (tinting) enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

Please feel free tocontact us for pricing or questions about our product.

Why does film turn purple? Why doesfilm bubble?

Have unanswered questions about window tinting, please check out our Frequently asked Question page.


Tint Works, is an automobile window tinting business located in Northern and Southern California.


You are invited to visit any one of our locations:


Tint Works, 




Tint Works offers window tint removal of old film that has turned purple or bubbled.



We look forward to servicing your automotive window tinting needs. Pleasecontact us with

any questions.








  You might have noticed that our web pages do not contain a photo gallery page.

  There's good reason for that. Any web master can copy text or photograph's from other web sites

  and claim them to be their own, with no consideration to copy written laws.

  I'm sure you'll agree with me that a photograph taken from a distance you're unable to view the dirt 

  trapped between the film and glass, plus see any creases in the film or view the gaps hidden around the

  edges of the windows.

  Tint Works, invites you to visit itslocation to examine our workmanship for yourself, absolutely no   

  obligation to purchase our service.

At Tint Works Drive-in's are welcome but we do recommend making an appointment.


Car window tinting is applied to the inside of your vehicle windows by our custom auto professional tinters

who have years of experience working with window film.





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